This resource center is designed to provide tools and resources for pharmacists, pharmacy residents, and students to help guide their efforts in collecting and presenting accurate and relevant information for formulary submissions to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. The toolkit is designed to share best practices for health system formulary monographs and can be used for small community hospitals as well as tertiary care medical centers. Individualization is important as each health system is unique and the level of technology available at each type of institution may impact the level of detail that is included in the drug monograph.

The Formulary Lifecycle

Understanding the Formulary Process

Process Begins

  • Formulary request received

    • Schedule presentation for P&T meeting
    • Confer with requesting provider about desired use, frequency of use, clinical need, any medications that would be replaced by the medication

  • Prepare Drug Monograph

    • Identify resources appropriate for medication and requested use
    • Reconcile conflicting data, ambiguity or controversy related to the medication with requesting provider
    • Finalize the drug monograph and P&T presentation (as appropriate for your health system)

  • P&T Committee Presentation

    • Presentation made to P&T Committee
    • Recommendation made

  • Medication Added to Formulary

    • Identify Billing and Coding
    • EMR and EHR build
    • CPOE and BCMA build
    • ADC build – storing, scanning, connectivity to EMR/HER
    • Ordering and PAR levels
    • Storage
    • Update Automation/Repacking Changes/Smart Pump
    • Update medication formulary resource with formulary status and any restrictions for use
    • Staff education needs addressed

  • Medication Not Added to Formulary

    Indicate if medication may be used non-formulary on case by case basis

  • Follow-up Evaluation

    • Evaluate medication use and report back to Committee
    • Re-evaluation due to new information

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